There is no doubt that building a computer is the most remarkable experience one may get through. Comparing all the diverse options and brands available is an exhilarating journey! However, it is not so exhilarating when you are left with two exceptional motherboards to pick between. 

The challenge is hard! Well, at least you have narrowed it down to two companies. But now, which one is better? Keep on reading for a complete comparison of the ASRock motherboard vs. Asus motherboard, and you will end up with the top motherboard for the next PC or laptop.


A motherboard can really make or break the device’s performance. So, which motherboard will offer you more dependable performance: the Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme or the ASRock Z490 Taichi?

Well, both choices have an LGA 1200 socket that’s compatible with the majority of Intel processors, comprising tenth and eleventh gen Intel Core, Pentium Gold, and Celeron processors. So, there is no obvious winner here.

Yet, the Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme beats everything when it comes to temp control because it comes with an incorporated AI cooling system that will successfully avert overheating. Besides, the Asus Maximus ROG XII Extreme is simple to overclock, which is an essential feature for designers and gamers.

Conversely, ASRock Z490 Taichi is not a poorly-performing board at all. In fact, it can really support Intel 3.0 Turbo Max Technology and can contain RAM up to 128 GB. In simple words, the ASRock Z490 Taichi is really powerful, not only as powerful as the Asus Maximus XII ROG Extreme.


If we are gonna compare the software of both models, there is an obvious winner here, and it is the ASRock Z490 Taichi. The outstanding Asus boards provide a few incredible features, like a 5-way optimization comprising TPU, checking system status, a microcontroller that you can utilize for adjusting voltages, and control overclocking. 

The 5-way optimization also comprises EPU, Fan Xpert 4, Digi+ Power Control, and Turbo App. Overclocking this board is really like a breeze with the AI overclocking feature that can actually control the cooling system and the CPU for ensuring the best performance possible. 

Additionally, it comes with its own exceptional BIOS that you can set to either EZ or Advanced mode, relying on the usage. What is more, the Asus board also comes with a few ROG-exclusive features, comprising ROG CPU-Z, Mem Tweakit, GameFirst VI, and many more. 

It also has a few ASUS-exclusive features, Aura Sync. The ASRock Taichi Z490 also provides a few outstanding software features such as ASRock Live Update, RGB control, and APP Shop, a store for installing and updating software apps. The app store is an incredible benefit to the ASRock board because it will always stay updated without you even trying.


Both boards provide a limited 3-year warranty, which is a huge benefit for both over any other choice available on the market. The majority of motherboard brands offer a 1-year warranty and call it a day, but that is not the situation when you are dealing with big names such as Asus and ASRock.


Deciding on a board can be a difficult job with a lot of choices available. You really cannot go wrong with the majority of what Asus and ASRock have to provide. That said, ASRock has really made a push to provide more for your cash. 

If you are searching for the most features for the dollar, ASRock rises on top for value. There are still reasons to pick Asus over ASRock. Between most similar models, Asus is way better for overclocking. Asus has also been providing boards longer. It has led to a more dependable BIOS, drivers, and software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ASRock Better Than Asus?

That relies a lot on which two boards you are actually comparing. Every company provides various options, comprising affordable as well as high-end ones. All things considered, both companies are outstanding motherboards manufacturers, and going for either one is safe if you are not searching for something precise.

Is Asus The Best Motherboard Manufacturer?

Asus is an excellent company all around; be it laptops, motherboards, or monitors; Asus has first-rate products that are difficult to match. We do not think it is fair to call it the ultimate motherboard manufacturer, though.

Is Asus A Bad Company?

Absolutely not. Asus is a company that is recognized for its first-rate products that are frequently long-lasting.

Is ASRock The Top Motherboard Manufacturer?

We would not call it the top one, but it is pretty up there. If we had to list our all-time preferred board brand, ASRock would absolutely take one of the top three places. ASRock has an outstanding selection of boards that you are assured of locating the ideal one for your requirements.

Is ASRock A Bad Company?

Not at all! ASRock is an outstanding company. In fact, a few would argue that it is the top one available.