Do you know that there’s a comparison between the Asus motherboard vs. Gigabyte Motherboard? A lot of individuals will have no idea what such two things are. Well, if you’re reading this post, then you have to have a little knowledge about them. 

The same brand manufactures these motherboards. These brands have a long history in the PC world. They have made a lot of diverse products for individuals to purchase, but the effects they have made really seem to be the best products available.


While searching for motherboards, design is the first thing anyone prefers or notices. Both Gigabyte and Asus have excellent aesthetic properties for motherboards. But the Gigabyte motherboards are highly subjective. Today, there are motherboards accessible from the majority of the latest and innovative technologies of these two companies. 

So, you need to make a good decision while buying one. We have to say that Asus motherboards are made, take care of their designs, and do their best to produce good-looking outputs. Still, the Gigabyte motherboard models have the most intriguing 3D models and color scheme, and they’re pretty tempting to the eyes. 


Across the motherboard lineups, Gigabyte and Asus maintain a good performance level that meets the user requirements. That being said, the performance you can get out of your gaming motherboard is on a completely different level than that of the commercial board, so upon which criterion can we base the comparison? The answer is stability. 

You require the motherboard for maintaining a good performance level without any hiccups to impact your experience. The two flagship motherboards we chose for this comparison provide a good Gameplay experience, every coming up with some tricks to set itself apart.

The ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Formula is the peak for what AM4 boards can provide. You have room for pushing the performance even further with the overclocking-ready architecture of the board. For keeping its temp in check, you get the choice for a custom liquid cooling loop.

Conversely, Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Xtreme is on the expensive side compared to its counterpart. Yet, it shows better sturdiness in extreme conditions when you are pushing the motherboard to the absolute limits.


With this entire horsepower available, you require intuitive software for going along with it. An easy-to-use interface can allow you to allocate the system resources and performance in the best manner that suits the workflow.

Asus manages to provide that with its AI Suite 3 control panel, the dashboard-styled interface that presents the key utilities and allows you to tweak all parts of the system. Settings like overclocking, fan speed, and BIOS updates can all be modified through the same powerful interface. 

Asus provides you with all the tools you require to balance system performance, stability, and cooling. Also, the outstanding Gigabyte motherboard provides its own take using EasyTune on the control panel formula. 

It strikes the correct balance between being available to normal users while having a deep customization layer and choices for professionals to jump into. You can fine-tune the clock speed of the CPU and memory, as well as full control over the fan settings, comprising customizable RGB profiles for tweaking the look of the computer tower.


When it comes to cost, both Asus and Gigabyte have proven that they can provide **first-class motherboard **products at reasonable costs for the majority of budgets. The two companies also have complementary product ranges that work equally well under the same roof. 

Therefore, they can provide their users with a motherboard that can fulfill their fundamental requirements while not breaking the bank for doing so. This relative analysis concludes that the Gigabyte and Asus motherboards offer the users with a motherboard they require at a cost point that’s easy on the budget.


Both brands provide a three-year standard warranty that is directly tied to the serial number of your motherboard. It denotes you do not need to run through an additional activation step, as the warranty automatically becomes active with the purchase.

It is worth stating that liquid and physical damage is not covered despite both motherboards providing optional liquid cooling circuits. If you choose to go with water cooling, make certain the pipes are sealed with no leak.

Gigabyte and Asus provide free replacement if the motherboard comes with manufacturing defects. You can contact their respective consumer support and get assistance if anything goes south after the purchase.


The two companies above have different features that you ought to be looking for. In addition, both of such brands are pretty infamous for manufacturing quality motherboards and other parts. So decide which motherboard manufacturer you ought to pick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asus Better Than Gigabyte?

The Asus brand tops a lot of product categories with motherboards, laptops, and monitors. You acquire a smoother software experience using the Asus boards, as well as solid fan controls. However, Gigabyte and Asus share the same customer satisfaction and high-performance standards.

Is Gigabyte The Best Motherboard Manufacturer?

The Gigabyte brand has always been renowned for the boards’ reliability. You find considerably fewer manufacturing defects, and the motherboard is created to endure a few extreme conditions. For this purpose, Gigabyte leans a lot on overclocking, permitting its users to push their PCs to more new grounds.

Is Gigabyte A Bad Manufacturer?

Certainly, this brand does not make as much buzz with the monitors and laptops compared to Asus. Nevertheless, the brand provides exceptional motherboards both on the high-end and budget levels.

Is Asus The Best Motherboard Manufacturer?

The Asus brand knocks it out of the park with the AM4-based motherboards. This architecture plays well with the newest Intel chips generation. With the support for swift DDR4 memory, intelligent cooling system, and optimized performance, the exceptional Asus motherboard provides the best experience with tenth-generation Intel CPUs.

Is Asus A Bad Manufacturer?

Asus is an exceptional motherboard brand, providing fantastic value across its complete lineup, from the flagships down to the budget products. Though the budget products of Asus still manage to have decent specifications for their cost, expect build quality to take a little hit.