The majority of the motherboards these days have a simple to access the boot menu. In a few rare situations, you might have to access the BIOS using the CMOS setup. You can access the CMOS setup utilizing the keypad on the motherboard.

You ought to access the BIOS settings on the MSI motherboard by simply hitting the F2 key at the boot time; however, for accessing this option, you have to hit the F2 key during the power-up process.

Once you’ve powered on the PC and the system screen is shown on the monitor, simply hit and hold the Delete key on the keyboard. If you have a newer MSI board, the BIOS screen will appear on the screen after you’ve pressed the Delete key on your keyboard.

You can check the motherboard’s model and its corresponding version of BIOS by navigating to the F2 setup utility. On the screen that emerges, you have to find the following menu. How To Get To BIOS On An MSI Motherboard?

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How To Enter The BIOS Settings Of The MSI Motherboard?

There are two ways to enter into the MSI BIOS settings. The first way is for those who haven’t set any password, while the 2nd method will teach you to get to the MSI BIOS settings using the password.

Enter The MSI BIOS With No Password:

  • Step#1:

Reboot the PC and hit the DEL button while your system is starting up for entering the BIOS Settings on your MSI board. In a few situations, you have to utilize the F2 button instead of the DEL button for entering the BIOS setup. You need to make this procedure as fast as possible as Win 10 has a great boot-up speed, because of which you may miss the chance to enter its BIOS settings.

If the procedure is successful, your PC will blink and reboot again to enter into the BIOS setting for performing POST. If you see the MSI Logo emerging on the screen, then hit the Tab button on the keyboard to enter the MSI BIOS Setting.

  • Step#2:

Go to and type in the model name in the search bar provided at the top corner. For instance, if you’re utilizing the MEG Z490 GODLIKE motherboard, then simply enter MEG Z490 GODLIKE and press enter.

  • Step#3:

Click the Manual key under the product description. On the next screen, choose the preferred language and download the Manual on the PC.

  • Step#4:

Follow the directions provided in the manual for making the changes. Once accomplished, you have to click on the Save Changes and Exit option on your bios screen to exit it.

Enter The MSI BIOS Using The Password:

Setting up the admin password will not just secure the PC but will also assist you in locking the BIOS screen and restricting anybody from getting to it. However, if you’re struggling to get to the BIOS setup which has a password enabled, follow the below steps:

  • Step#1:

Reboot the PC and hit the DEL button as your system is starting up to get to the MSI BIOS settings. At times, you may need to make use of the F2 button to enter the BIOS Setup. If the MSI Logo appears on the screen, hit the tab button and then the DEL button.

  • Step#2:

It’ll ask you to type in the password. Enter the admin password and press the Enter key to open the MSI BIOS Settings for the password-enabled system. If your password is wrong, the system will tell you about it; try entering the accurate password for entering successfully.

  • Step#3:

Go to the official website and enter the product name in the search bar. Click on the manual button under the product description. Then, choose the manual language and download it on the PC. Follow the directions provided in the manual for successfully applying all the changes.

  • Step#4:

Lastly, click on the Save Changes and Exit option and get into the Windows OS to check if all the changes are successfully applied.

Why Can MSI Not Enter BIOS?

It is because the board you are attempting to get to the bios is encrypted or locked. The great thing to accomplish is simply to make contact with the manufacturer. If you do not know who created your motherboard, simply Google the brand name, and it ought to point you in the correct direction.

You can also try to get to the BIOS by resetting your PC. It’s a final resort. If you’re still not capable of entering the BIOS, then you can utilize the special program called bootrec.exe. This tool is accessible on the web. You can easily download it from

You have to download this software, burn it to the CD, and then insert it into your PC. You can then hit the F8 button when your PC is starting up. It’ll open the boot menu. From there, you can choose the Boot from the first hard disk option and enter the BIOS. You can do so even if you’re unable to get to the BIOS normally.

What Can I Do From The BIOS?

There are a lot of changes you can actually make from the BIOS settings. The BIOS settings state how the system manages and controls the hardware parts. A few significant configurations you can change are as follows:

  • Boot device order.
  • Enable/disable Virtualization.
  • Secure boot and TPM settings.
  • Processor, RAM, or fan speed.
  • System language, time, and date.

If you randomly alter the BIOS settings, the system might suffer from certain problems. At such times, it is better to reset the BIOS to its default settings. On the MSI BIOS, hit the F9 key and choose Yes to do that. After altering the BIOS setting, hit the F10 key and choose Yes for saving the changes and rebooting the computer.

Cannot Enter BIOS/UEFI On MSI Motherboard:

If you cannot enter BIOS settings utilizing one of the ways we’ve mentioned, try the other. You ought to always be capable of reaching BIOS from the Advanced Startup as long as the operating system is completely functional. But if you desire to make use of the key shortcut but cannot, there are some things you can attempt. First of all, try to change the USB port if you’re utilizing the USB keyboard. You ought to also disable the fast boot on the computer.

Fast boot considerably reduces the startup time, so you may miss the time limit for hitting the BIOS button. You have to switch it off for both operating system and MSI BIOS settings. The simplest method of disabling the MSI fast boot is to reset the BIOS. You can accomplish that by taking out and reinserting the CMOS battery.

What To Do When Windows Would Not Start?

There are numerous reasons why the PC would not boot up, and the causes differ based on what type of system you own. For instance, on the desktop computer, you’ll almost certainly have one of the following problems:

  • You may have installed an incompatible type of OS.
  • You may have installed an OS that wasn’t created to be installed in that kind of computer.
  • The PC is facing a software malfunction.
  • You may have installed the incompatible devices (hardware), or
  • A virus has actually infected your hard disk causing your PC to freeze.


If you’re a newbie, then you may not know what BIOS actually stands for. So let’s discuss it a little. BIOS is the short form of Basic Input/Output System. It is the set of programs that offer basic directions for the PC. The motherboard frequently has a small switch on the rear of the PC.

This switch frequently permits you to get to the BIOS settings from your PC. Here in this article, we have discussed how you can enter the BIOS settings utilizing diverse techniques. Hopefully, you have found this guide helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reach BIOS On The MSI Motherboard?

There are some methods to reach the BIOS on your MSI motherboard. One method is to go to the Start menu on the PC and enter BIOS. Another method is to simply press the Ctrl + Esc buttons together to get to the BIOS.

How To Open The BIOS For The MSI Motherboard?

For opening the BIOS on the MSI motherboard, hit and hold the F10 key while powering on the PC. The BIOS menu will emerge. Utilize the arrow keys for navigating to the Advanced menu and the BIOS Settings submenu. Choose the option for entering the BIOS from the Advanced menu.