The PS2 ports were previously the ones that were utilized for connecting the keyboard and mouse to your computer before the arrival of the USB ports because it was then that these ports fell into neglect. Despite that, and almost a few decades have passed since then, why do motherboards still have PS2 ports?

In a lot of motherboards, we can still see PS2 ports, which are also signified with color code and even icons: green is for the mouse, and purple is for the keyboard. In fact, in a lot of situations, we can see PS2 combo ports that are actually compatible with both (and that a splitter was required for connecting the two peripherals to the same port).

Why Do Motherboards Still Come With PS2 Ports?

The reason why motherboard manufacturers proceed to include PS2 is that they require their products to be compatible with more seasoned parts as well. Since the majority of gadgets have not been updated, however, there are odds that someone will try to interface them through PS2 without checking in the event that it’s really available or not.

Secondly, these ports back a multi-key highlight which is important for a part of clients needing enrollment of diverse keys simultaneously. PS2 ports allow rapid enrollment by hindering the processor more easily than the USB ports. 

There are still PS2 ports available on several motherboards, and they’re demonstrated by symbols and color as mentioned earlier: green is for your mouse, and purple is for your keyboard. Now and then, the PS2 combo ports work with both but are connected with the same Port using a splitter.

What Features Does The PS2 Port Have?

Peripherals with the PS2 connection haven’t been produced for more than ten years, and yet even the recent motherboards still come with this port. The PS2 ports have a lot of cons compared to the USB ports, such as when you connect your device, it’s not Plug_and_play, and it’s essential to reboot your PC for detecting it. But it also has a lot of other pros over the USB ports, such as:

It Doesn’t Need Drivers Of Any Sort:

When you attach your USB keyboard to your computer, for instance, a driver has to tell your PC what you’re connecting to that particular port. However, when you attach your keyboard to a PS2 port, your computer knows that it’s a keyboard without having to be told at all. It denotes that a keyboard attached to the PS2 port will always function, regardless of whether you’re in the BIOS or what operating system you’re making use of.

It Always Functions:

In addition to the above, when you start your computer, the PS2 port loads even before the processor and BIOS data, and it literally has the power of interrupting the CPU directions. It denotes that it always functions, no matter what you carry out until you switch off the power. For that reason, it’s perfect for the firmware loads, BIOS updates, and basically what you require.

It Is Inviolable:

All of the above also denotes that the port is inviolable. You can’t remotely access the PS2 peripheral at all as there’s no software, driver, or firmware involved. It’s hard and pure hardware.

It Comes With Full N-Key Rollover Support:

The well-known feature of gaming keyboards that permits the users to press as many keys as they desire at the same time without getting jumbled is inherent in the PS2 ports. For that reason, a lot of professional gamers prefer to make use of such types of ports in place of the conventional USB.

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A PS2 Port?

The basic advantages of the PS2 Port are its appealing and unique console, along with no restriction on the essential roller. Furthermore, PS2 ports are identical to the five-pin DIN connector that can be used with a wiring connection.

There are disadvantages of PS2 ports as well, which comprise just two controller ports and long loading times. Along with all that, they’re also no means of swapping, and because of the centralized micro-controller, they might have a cheap design. The thorough discussion about the pros and cons of the PS2 ports are:


  • A huge number of games denote that there’s something for everybody.
  • The PS2 interface has no limitations on the key rollover, and neither do the USB keyboards unless they’re utilized in the BOOT mode.
  • The functionality of the PS2 keyboard is electrically identical to that of the five-pin DIN connector utilized on former AT keyboards, so keyboards intended for one can be utilized with a wiring connector for connecting to the other.
  • The console’s design is appealing and unique.
  • Games are simple to come by and are low-cost.


  • Both PS2 ports are usually controlled by a centralized microcontroller on your motherboard in the standard implementation. It renders production and design inexpensive and very simple.
  • They can just be inserted in one direction and ought to be sufficiently rotated before connecting. The PS2 adapters aren’t meant to be wired in/out often, which can cause pins to break or bend.
  • They are not meant to be swapped out rapidly. PS2 ports are utilized for connecting the digital I/O lines of the microcontroller of the external device to the digital lines of the motherboard’s microcontroller.
  • You might need a lot of memory cards.
  • There are just two controller ports.
  • Long loading times.

Why Do Motherboards Still Have PS2 Ports?

On the off chance that you’ve read the previous section of this post carefully, you will envision it. Generally, the more high-end motherboards and modern motherboards don’t include PS2 since it’s complicated on the off chance that it’s extremely hard to search for the peripherals that make use of this interface.

In any situation, it’s simple to find connectors from PS2 to the USB and vice versa. As we’ve elucidated, there are several points of interest in having a harmonized association by PS2 ports to your computer, so these days, a lot of people still request it. It truly charges manufacturers nothing to actualize it on the board. So, you as of now know that the PS2 ports can be aged, moderate, and ancient, but there’s nothing more dependable than these.


The number of users still needs the enrollment of several keys simultaneously. PS2 ports comprise a multi-key acknowledgment. The PS2 ports, compared to the USB ports, are faster at enlisting since they hinder your processor directly.

On a lot of the boards, still, the mouse port and the keyboard port are available, and their symbol and color show their usefulness: green is for your mouse, and purple is for your keyboard. Network to the PS2 ports doesn’t need any drivers; in any situation, a restart is needed. Windows needs drivers to work on the USB ports as they’re easily connected with the main operating system.

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